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I am linked up with a cool online platform that enables hosting of live call-in discussions over the internet. Very Cool. The platform connects people in live discussions online and is a nice automated production tool. With a simple link, a live dialog show can be joined in real time by anyone over the internet.

I had the opportunity to be an early user of dialog and a sponsored host.

The shows are produced and broadcast on getdialog.am. The archive page of all the dialogs I have hosted is right here.

I talk about my experience and journey as an artist committed to living authentically as a creator.

And I get into the music business from the perspective of an independent creative professional.

When Dialog programmers made downloads of shows available to hosts that use the platform, a bell went off!

Considering the upside that this original content can be widely distributed and syndicated in various podcast apps, I took the bait.

Through the process of making these discussions available for future reference and limitless public access, I learned ALOT about podcasting, rss feeds and server access.

A quick study, I navigated a range of options in publishing and syndicating this content and from this perspective, podcasting became more clear to me. Computer speak isn't exactly my native language, so I had to do a little digging.

Ultimately, it was a good move to transport the audio to a place where I am able control server access permissions to meet podcasting protocols and keep the content moving.

I know there is potential to monetize creative content, and in that case, some Pod Casters pay for monthly access, sometimes coupled with production tools, as an investment in a podcasting business that generates revenues.

The method that I implemented avoids this path completely.

At this beginning stage, I scoff at the idea of paying 15 bux a month minimum to host 100MB of data with a cap of something like 500M or 1G total online storage. The price for podcast hosting is pretty consistent across the board. More data upload and storage?-, pay more.

My first dialog was 1 hour and 40MB as a mp3. I'm thinking, what a way to trim out archives! What if a late coming, new listener, wanted to go back and listen to earlier shows? Alot of podcasting companies are making a killing on the knowledge.

We never rolled with pay to play.


Always up to a challenge, I finally got with Amazon Web Services and hosted my audio there. Try 2 cents a Gig after the first 5 Gigs free every month.


I sure don't feel like a sucker by taking the time to learn.

The blogger site serves as Beady Beats Music Blog "home" for the podcast.

 And feedburner directs feed readers such as itunes podcasting to the Beady Beats Music Blog.

Through rss from the blog, feedburner feeds new uploads of podcasts and other posts to subscribers of the feed.

A few details like allowing enclosure links in feedburner and matching enclosure links to a public address where a file can be accessed from the "home" site- and excuse the computer speak- Boom!

So this adventure was a great learning experience and now enables the ability to compile the content I produce in a central location and syndicate that content.

This knowledge, when applied by the independent creative professional, will serve your ambitions and conserve time and money.

As I use these tools and share the process, it is rooted in sharing the journey of backing up Beady Beats Music Art with Beady Beats Music Business-

The art is the start.

p.s. None of this is affiliate marketing unless you count the act of sharing knowledge aimed at empowering, noting resources that Beady Beats Music uses in its development and advancement.

This may change, you never know- I'm bout this future of content creation and cultivating revenue streams derived from creativity.



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