10 Random Signs that You're an Indie Artist

 You are a super indie Independent Artist if...

1. You long ago stopped giving store bought gifts and now adhere to a strict policy of gifting art items that you have handcrafted, self produced or are seeking backing for.
All of your friends and loved ones own a personal handmade scarf and a copy of your limited release, self produced, solo album. One day those autographed limited editions will be worth big bucks.

2. You will happily pay your hard earned cash for new, one of a kind, unique, rare and limited edition products, but in ordinary circumstances you upgrade your swag at thrift stores, consignment boutiques and flea markets.
 Between your barter deals, hook-ups and discounts, you are kinda rich and no one knows.

3. You vaguely remember countless chorus' from popular top 40 radio stations but your favorite musicians are friends who play in a local band.
The most fabulous club banger known to civilization is an unreleased underground anthem that never made it to mainstream radio but rocks the town drinking hole every time it is performed.

4. You horde a supply/production tool kit consisting of equipment and materials of incalculable value based on it's creative potential although others often mistake it for mess or crap...
You are certain that, one day you will eventually locate a mechanical technician with the expertise to repair that rare, imported, custom vintage production unit, currently broken, but once a revolutionary innovation. And you can never have enough scraps of leather.

5. You are acquainted with more talented people than anyone you know, even if you have gained the unfortunate reputation of occasionally attracting crazies.
Although there is sometimes a fine line between schizophrenia and heartfelt passionate expression, you will usually listen through the first act of an impromptu rant styled monologue before judging the sanity of your private instruction still life drawing teacher or the former big time producer who apparently pummeled onto hard times.

6. People respect your art enough to offer their ideas and suggestions for additions to your work and technique, that you gracefully and thankfully decline.
"Um, Thanks but no thanks, Mom. Instead of sending a tape to Oprah, I think I will stick to my mailing list to promote my next show"

7. Your imagination invokes wonder, amazement and incredulity.
It's cool when "Um, Are you serious?", turns into, "Wow, How did you do that?", and you quietly allow it to look easy.

8. You once wore a funny hat with dignity, ...for a full season.
The exaggerated size complimented the vibrant color which accentuated the reflective material, enabling the full flamboyance of the design to resound with booming volume. And everyone knows, wigs and sunglasses always come back in style.

9. People who have been moved by your art, validate your contribution with recognition.
Sincere folks approach you in random places, raving your independent art, giving tons of love and sometimes innocently intimate hugs. The sound man from the nearly empty club performance, sees you months later, and is singing lines from a song you wrote.

10. Looking back, there were many times that you were ahead of the curve.
You realize the reason you do art and why you have a place among your peers. You are good at what you do and others can look your way and see it.


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